How To Create A WordPress Website From Scratch (Timeless Strategy)

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Learn step-by-step how to create a wordpress website from scratch using this timeless strategy that worked 10 years ago and will work 10 years from now.

If you want to learn how to create a WordPress website from scratch then you have come to the right place because in this video I am going to show you a timeless strategy to do exactly that. We are going to go through and we are going to set up a WordPress website from scratch starting with absolutely nothing. This is a timeless strategy that has worked for me since 2006 and it is going to keep working into the future because the strategy that we are using is fundamental to the way WordPress works.

There are tools that come and go and I have tried a lot of them in the past but often they finally get to a point where they break and they no longer work. However this strategy is guaranteed to work now. It is guaranteed to work into the future and I still use it to set up new websites today.

So the first thing that we are going to need is hosting and we are going to need a domain name. Now I recommend Arvixe for my hosting for a lot of reasons but firstly they are the cheapest out there and secondly they give you a free domain name so that makes it even cheaper. But they have great service, great up-time, all of that sort of stuff. So we are going to or you can go to which is my affiliate link for Arvixe. It will not cost you any more but I really appreciate it if you do that.

So if I go to, that is going to bring us to Arvixe’s homepage. Now what we are going to want to do is click on this big green button that says view plans. And there are 2 different plans here: the personal class and the pro. The only main difference is how many domains you can get. As most of us will not need more than 6 domains, we can go with the cheaper one. So let us go ahead and click on the order now button.

The next step is to choose your domain name and then go through the checkout process. So if we look here, the hosting plan has personal class. The billing cycle, you can change. Now if you want to put as little money out front, I suggest the monthly which is $7 a month and I am going to give you a coupon code to get that even cheaper for your first month. If you want the cheapest then go annually which is every 2 years. It works out to $3.40 per month over the 2 years if you want to go with that with my coupon code. For this example I am just going to go with the monthly.

We now need to choose our domain name. So this is where your website is going to live so let me just go ahead and check one. So I am going to go with peltexample because that is the example website we are going to be creating. Let us go ahead and check if that is available. Alright, congratulations it is available. I am going to untick this because we do not need that so go ahead and click save. And even though this says $9.95, it is actually free for Arvixe. So that is set in. We now need to enter in some billing information so go ahead and do that. So I have entered my billing information. You can now pay by credit card or PayPal. I am going to go with PayPal. Scroll down, enter your security question, skip over these additional services as we do not need these.

We then go and enter a coupon code to save ourselves some money. We are going to use the coupon code peltdiscount so p-e-l-t-discount. And if I go ahead and click apply then you will see we get a 20% discount off our first invoice. Make sure that you confirm and agree to the terms and conditions and then go ahead and place your order. So the order is now processing and has now completed successfully. It is taking us through PayPal so I am going to go ahead and check out with PayPal. And then I can go ahead and agree and continue.

So after I checked out I got sent here which is weird because it said payment success but then it is asking me to fill in the form again. But I did get a whole bunch of emails one of which was saying ‘Thanks for signing up. Here are your details for log in’ and I have a whole bunch of confirmations so it did work.

And the next step is to log into your C panel. The C panel is like the backend of your hosting where you are going to manage all your files and everything. And we are going to be doing a fair bit in that so this is important. So we have this email from Arvixe which is important. We are going to have to go to this address I am going to go to that address and log in using the details that are provided for me in this email.

So I have logged in. I can see my services here. Go ahead and click on the service that you just purchased and then scroll down the bottom and you are going to see this log in to see C panel. Go ahead and click on that and that is going to take you to your C panel which is this here. This is the backend of your website and this just has everything you need to manage your website and to set up your WordPress account.

The first thing we are going to do inside the C panel is to add a My SQL Database. Now if you do not know what it means do not worry. You do not need to know what it means. It is really hard to explain so there is really no point explaining it. But basically scroll down and find this My SQL Database section and go ahead and click on that. We are now going to go ahead and create a database. You get to name this whatever you want. I am going to name it after my website which is simply pelt example and go ahead and click create database. We can see the database has been added. Go ahead and click the go back button. It is now really important that we add a user to the database and we do not have any users yet so we need to create one.

Let us go ahead and create one. My name is Ryan so let us go ahead and use my name and then I will click create user. We have created a user. Let us click go back again. And now what we need to do is add that user to our database. So we can see add user to database, we have Ryan adding to that database. Go ahead and click add. We then want to select all privileges and click make changes. Now, this probably does not make sense to you but do not worry I still do not know what an SQL database is. I do not know why we have to do this but I just know that it works. Once we have done that that is good. We can go ahead and go back home.

The next step is to go to and download the WordPress file. Let us go to Make sure you have .org not .com and we just want to click on download WordPress. Here is download 4.4. It may be different by the time you get around to this. We will go ahead and download it. We want the zipped file. So WordPress is now downloading.

The next step is to upload the zipped file to our website and extract it. So what we are going to do back in our C panel, we are going to go to the file manager. We want to log in to the web group which happens by default and the file manager this is like all the files on our website. So at the moment it is just this folder CGI bin. What is inside it, nothing. So if I go to my website just to show you,, then we will see this is my website. There is that folder and there is nothing in it. Well, it is forbidden so we cannot see it. But basically these are all the files on your site.

We do not need this one so let us go ahead and delete that. We are now going to upload the WordPress file that we just downloaded. So click choose file and go ahead and find the WordPress file you just downloaded. Click open and that will now begin uploading. When it has uploaded it will then say ‘complete’ down the bottom and you can go ahead and just exit out of this one. We will go ahead and click the reload button and we can see our zipped file there.

We now need to extract it so go ahead click on it. And then at the top click this extract button and then just click extract files. And so basically this just takes the zipped file and turns it into a whole bunch of folders. Now at the moment it is in WordPress so this would appear on our site But I want it to be on my main site so we are going to go ahead and move a couple of files around to do that.

So to do that we are going to go into this folder. We are then going to highlight all of these things. Click move file and then where it says public html, we are going to get rid of that /WordPress in the end. Click move files and they have now all been moved to our main site. You can go ahead and you can delete these WordPress ones if you want. You do not have to do that but you can.

So now we have all the files we need for our WordPress website. We just need to connect this website with that SQL Database that we set up. And to do that we need to edit this file, the WP Config Example file. Now, this may seem overwhelming but do not worry. It is really easy to do.

The first thing that we are going to do is rename this file. So let us click on it and we need to rename it to WP Config. So get rid of that sample and click rename file. That is easy enough. We now need to edit some of the code. Again it may seem overwhelming but do not worry, it is really easy. Click on it and then click the code editor up here then click the edit button.

This is now going to open the code and I am going to walk you through exactly what to do. It is actually made really easy for us because it is in blue and it is just these first 3 things in blue that we need to adjust. So how do we know what our database name and our username and our password are, well go back into your C panel which is here. And go back to your My SQL Databases and we can see here is our database.

We can just simply highlight that. We can go ahead and copy it and then when we are editing the code where it says database name here, we go ahead and we paste that in. Now it is very important that if you have something like peltexam_ at the front that you do include that. You do not want just the username at the end. That is a bit confusing but for some reason you need to do that.

We now need our username and again we can go back and we can see this privilege user here. Let us just go ahead and we will copy that and then back in our code editor where it says username here. Go ahead and delete that and we are going to paste in our username. And so the password is just the same password for when you created this user. So when we went here and we added a new user and put in this password, that is the same password that we need to put in here. Once we have done all of that, go ahead and click the save button. We can see ‘success’ that has now been saved so we can exit out of that.

And we are almost done guys. All we need to do now is go to but replace with your actual website. So I am going to open a new tab. I am going to go to and go ahead and click enter. If you have done everything correctly you should get a page that looks like this where you can choose your language. Obviously I am going to choose English. Go ahead and click continue. And you can then enter some basic information about your website.

Now do not worry you can change the site title in the future. I am just going to do Pelt Example. Username, just choose anything that is not admin. Do not choose admin because that opens you up to spam attacks so choose anything else. I will just choose Ryan Mc. Password, you can set yourself or you can let them set it for you. And then go ahead and put in your email address and this can be any email address that you want.

Now if you want your website to appear in Google make sure you do not tick this button. Some people have ticked this button and they were like, “Why am I not on Google?” So do not tick it. And then go ahead and click the install WordPress button and bam! WordPress is now installed. If I go to we now have a WordPress website on there that is created and we can begin adding content and playing around with it.

If I go to, I can then go and log in using those details that I just set for myself. And this is to log in to the backend of WordPress. I can now go ahead and create a post by going to posts and clicking add new. And I will just quickly show you, new posts and then content for my post and let us go ahead and publish that really quickly. And if I go back to and I refresh that page, we can see my new post with content is there.

So that is exactly how to create a WordPress website from scratch using my timeless strategy. Now our website does not look amazing at the moment and there are a lot of things that you can do to make this website your own, to add awesome content to it, to format that content, to change the theme and the look of your website. If you want to learn all about WordPress and how to use WordPress, then I suggest you check out my Beginner’s Guide To WordPress at and you can go through all the tutorials there. Learn about WordPress and learn how to use it.

If you want you can download the checklist of all the steps that we went through to set up our WordPress website from scratch. You can check that out. Just go to You can see the video there. Download the checklist. You can also ask questions in the comment section over there. And do not forget if you found this helpful, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe as it helps more people to find this video and hopefully we can get more people set up with their awesome websites.

Thanks guys and until next time, keep learning!

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