How To Create A Membership Site With Zero Coding Overview (Part 1/12)

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Here is the ultimate step-by-step guide for creating a membership site from scratch without touching a single line of code.

In this tutorial series I am going to show you exactly how you can create your own membership site where you can sell your content, your tools, your community, whatever it is. Best of all you can create this with zero coding. Part Number 1 is the overview of exactly what we are going to be covering in this series.

This is part number 1 is the overview of exactly what we are going to be covering in this series.

The 3 Stages Of Creating Your Membership Site

So the main stages that occur to set up this membership site are:

To have a membership site first you need to create your website. You then need to install the membership software to protect parts of our website so only members can access it. Then you need to add your content (or whatever it is that you are selling) and then the last step is to actually go out there and get some customers who can begin joining your membership site and getting access to all the good stuff you have to offer. So these stages are broken down into a bunch of different steps.

Stage 1: Create Your Website

Stage number 1 about creating your website.

First you need to buy your domain name. So that is your

The next step is to go ahead and purchase hosting because that is where the membership site is going to live.

You then need to connect your domain and hosting so that when people type in your or whatever your domain is, they are actually visiting your correct website.

And then the fifth part of setting up your website is actually setting up WordPress which is the software that we are going to use to create our website. It has a really easy to use backend to add content and great functionality for creating a membership site.

Stage 2: Add Your Membership Plugin

We then go into stage 2, which is adding your membership plugin.

Once installed you also need to know how to install and configure your membership plugin so that only members can access the goodies and they need to pay in order to get access. That is why you are running a membership site in this first place isn’t it…to make some money?

Stage 3: Adding Content To Make Your Membership Site Valuable

We then move on to stage number 3 and this is all about adding content to make our site valuable.

First I will show you how to add and protect content to you website. We will go through that step by step.

We will also look at creating your site structure. How can we create a website that is easy to navigate for people so they can go ahead and get access to all the goodies that you are offering them.

We will then look at how to make your site look the way you want so we will go into how you can adjust themes of your website, adjust the look of your website so that you can get it looking and feeling exactly how you want to.

Stage 4: Get Customers And Get Paid

We will then move on to stage 4 – which is my favorite stage – getting customers and getting paid. This is broken down into 3 sections:

First we need to create a sales page that talks about how awesome our membership site is and why you should join; we will then talk about setting up payment integration so how can someone actually give you money and after they give you money, how do they actually get set up for and get access to the stuff in your membership site automatically.

And then part 12, we will talk about creating a process for cancellations. When people cancel their recurring subscription, how do you go ahead and cancel them from the membership site because remember we are creating this membership site with absolutely zero coding and one of the limitations of zero coding is that there are some things that we will do manually ourselves but really the only thing that we need to do manually is how this process for cancellations which I do myself in my business. It is really easy to manage.  And these I guess is the flaw of creating a membership site with no coding, is that we need to create a manual process for cancellations that we can follow. Or maybe we can hire virtual assistants to do this for us.

So let us talk about the cost. How much is this going to cost us to set up this membership site? We need to buy a domain if we do not have one already. That is going to set you back about $10 and that is $10 a year. We will then need to get some hosting. I am going to show you how you can get that for relatively cheap. We are talking $6 and this will be about $6 per month or we sign up for a longer term, let us say we commit to 2 years and that actually drops down to about $3 per month.

We will then need a membership plugin. This plugs into WordPress. It gives us all the functionality that we want inside a membership site. This is going to be the bulk of the cost of setting up your membership site. Now there are some free plugins out there we will touch on and I have not used any myself and the ones that I tried to use that were free just did not have the functionality or flexibility that I needed. And so I am happy to pay $197 to get something that works and something that works perfectly. We will then look at some sales page offers as well.

How you can easily create a great looking sales page that converts people into paying members. So in total you are looking around $250 to set up a membership site with absolutely no coding and I absolutely love this because if you were to pay a coder or pay a developer to set up a membership site for you, you are going to pay well over $250. So $250, extremely affordable in my books.

Also, we will have a payment processor so when you are receiving your payments, they will take a transaction fee out of that. So that is about 2.9%, the one that I recommend. And that then it also has a little fee of 30 to 80 cents depending on how big your transaction is. So that is a sliding scale. So there are the costs that you need to take into account when you are starting your membership site.

So in total we are going to have 12 videos including this one. All the videos are broken down, I am trying to make them as short  and sharp and easy to follow as possible and it will be there so you can watch them over and over and go back if you miss any steps or if you have any trouble.

If you want to check out all the course material then you can go to for membership site and all the videos will be over there, all the links to the resources that you need like where to get your domain, where to get your hosting. All of that sort of stuff will be over there. And there will also be a comment section where you can go ahead and ask questions. So if you are having problems or something is not going right, you can go ahead and ask us questions. So just go to for membership site to check out that course material and to ask any questions you have.

And lastly, you can hire our services if you are having trouble setting up the membership site yourself or you decide you do not want to do it yourself. You can hire us and we can set it up for you at a cost obviously. So go to if that is something that you want.

I am really excited to share with you how to create a membership site with zero coding. This is not going to be the absolute best way to create a membership site in the entire world but it is a way that has worked for me. I have 3 membership sites that I run now and I make a full-time income from the membership sites that I run. So I am excited to share this practical how-to guide with you and hopefully get you up and running, generating income from your membership site. And hopefully you can eventually earn a full-time income from it and create a nice little business for yourself.

So that completes this overview. Go ahead and check out part number 2 on buying a domain name. Or if you already have a website that is set up with WordPress already, you can skip to part number 6 where we will talk about installing and configuring your membership plugin.

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