How To Setup WordPress For Your Membership Site (Part 5/12)

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WordPress powers 1/3 of the ENTIRE internet and it is what we are using. Here is how to install WordPress for your membership site.

Welcome back to How To Create A Membership Site With Zero Coding. This is part number 5, How To Set Up WordPress for your membership site.

Now WordPress is the software that we will build your website on. It is your website structure. It is going to provide us with a great backend so we can add content to our site, so we can manage our members and make sure we lock down things so only our members can see it. So it is a really great system. It is about a third of the internet runs on WordPress so it is super popular. It is pretty easy to use. I am going to show you how to install it in this video.

This is part of stage 1 of creating a membership site and that is creating the website itself. If you already have a website that runs on WordPress then skip to part number 6 on How To Set Up Wish List Members for your membership site. This is membership plugin that I recommend. I am going to show you how to go through all the settings and turn your WordPress site into a membership site. If you do not have WordPress set up then continue watching.

First, we need to work out where your membership site will go. “What do you mean Ryan? My membership site is just going to go on my domain, or wherever it may be.” But you actually need to think about choosing whether you are going to have a combined installation versus a separate installation.

Now let me explain what I mean by that. A combined installation is where your forward-facing website to people who are not members is actually on the same WordPress installation as your membership site. So all of your free content need to happen on the same installation as your membership site and this gives you a consistency of branding and can make things easier.

It is actually a lot harder to do especially if you are not a developer yourself. So I do not recommend a combined installation where you have your free content and marketing on the same installation as your membership site because it just gets too complicated.

The easier thing to do is to have a separate installation. And so this is where you have 1 WordPress website for all your marketing or your sales pages or your free content and then what you do is you have a separate installation for your membership site. Now there are a few ways to have these separate installations. You can have a sub-domain. This is, this is my favorite way to do it. You could have a URL extension so would be an example of that.

You would have a separate WordPress on members and unique domain is you would buy a separate domain like and you would install it over there. I recommend the sub-domain. The good example of this is the site called LeadPages which we will talk about in a future episode on creating a sales page. But they have and they have a whole bunch of things on here like features and pricing. If we go to pricing, we can see it is If we go to features,, so all their marketing and sort of stuff are just on

However if we click the log in button, what you will notice is they actually have a sub-domain, and so if I go ahead and log in, then you will see that all of the backend of this membership site, which is actually a software tool, is actually based on a sub-domain

So we are going to take what LeadPages have done in terms of their sub-domain and that is what I am going to recommend and that is what I am going to show you how to do. Now if you miss out in the previous video, I actually recommend Arvixe as my web host and that is what we are doing this tutorial with. If you want to sign up with Arvixe, it is really cheap. It starts with $3.20 per month. Go to and if you use the code peltdiscount, then that will tell you you can get the 20% discount of your initial invoice.

So step number 1 is to log in to your hosting C panel. Now C panel stands for control panel. This is the backend of your hosting account and we need to get access to this so go back to that email that you originally got from Arvixe.

That looks something like this and we need to find this control panel information. Now we can click on the first address if our name service have changed but what I prefer is the alternate because this just works all the time. So let us go ahead and click on the alternate address. go ahead and log in using the username and password you chose when you signed up. So after we’ve logged in we will be brought to this page that should look something like this. This is your C panel or control panel. We now need to create a sub-domain. So let us go ahead and do that. We are going to scroll down and look for the domain section and click on sub-domains.

We now just need to add our sub-domains so let me just make sure I have the correct domain name. In this case it is Common sub-domains are my, so or maybe or maybe I was going to call it Melee Plus and so it could be So you just choose whatever you want, it does not really matter. I am going to do and go ahead and click create. So our sub-domain has now been created. Let us click on the home button to go back to this page here.

Step number 3 is to open the Softaculous apps installer. So what we are doing on our C panel home page, we scroll down, it is right near the bottom, we can see Softaculous apps installer and we want to click on WordPress. That will then load up this page and step number 4 is to click install which is the blue button right here. So we go ahead and click install. We then need to fill out our settings. So I am going to go through and show you exactly how to fill this out so follow along and if you  need to pause it and you need to rewind and go back and follow this a couple of times, then go ahead and do that.

So for the choose protocol, we are going to leave that. We need to choose our domain. So in this case I am actually choosing the where it says in directory, we actually want that to be completely empty so that it installs directly on Remember how we were talking about the different installations, if you wanted to do a URL extension, for example, what you would do is you would choose your domain and where it says in directory, you would go ahead and write members or you would go ahead and write wherever you want that extension to be. So that is how you do that. But I am not going to do that.

I am going to leave it on the sub-domain. Where it says table prefix, we are going to leave that. Site name and site description, we can change at a later date. So I am just going to quickly write Melee Members learn Super Smash Brothers Melee. It does not really matter what you do.

For the admin username and admin password, make sure you change the username from admin to something else, so I am going to put Ryan McLean, which is my name and then create a password. Example, admin email, just change that to the main email that you use. Select language, we leave that as English. Limit log in attempts, we ignore that. Under the advance option section, we are going to expand that and where it says database name we are going to want to change that to something we will recognize. So for me I am going to put My Melee so then I know that this is my installation for my melee.

This will be important if you ever want to move your website to another host, maybe it will get super popular so you need more expensive hosting. Just have the database name so you know what it is. I am not going to bother with any of the other advanced options.

I am not going to select any themes. I am now going to move on to step number 6 which is just to install it. So let us just go ahead and click the install button and this will now go ahead and install WordPress for us. Once it is complete you will get this notification Congratulations! The software is installed successfully, and we now need to go ahead and test whether our website is live or not. Now remember it can take up to 48 hours to become live from when we change those name service. So we can go and test it.

We just click on this link that tells us where our website is and I can see that my website is live, Melee Members Learn SSBM. It does not look amazing at the moment but do not worry I will show you how to make changes to it so it can look the way you want it in a future tutorial.

We can also test our log in so we go to this administrative URL. We can go ahead and log in using the details we selected during the installation. So now we are logged in and everything seems to be working fine. Also if you are having any issues and you are using Arvixe like I am, you can always ask them for help. Just go to and you click on this live support online button and you can go ahead and start a chat with them. I do not know how long this actually takes for them to get to you so it might be something that you move to the side while you are doing something else in case it does take time to get support. For me it only took less than a minute for them to connect. I am not going to promise that to you.

I am not sure if I just got lucky but I can go ahead and I can chat with Aron Kuma P and ask him my questions. I actually had a problem loading the plugins page inside WordPress which is going to be important in the next step to add our membership plugin. And so for some reason it was not loading so I just got in contact with them and then they just fixed the issue for me. Some issue with PHP, I have no idea what that means. So if you have any issues like I did loading the plugins page or loading any other page, just get in contact with them. Let them know that you are having a problem and they should be able to fix it for you.

And that completes part 5, How To Set Up WordPress for your membership site. We now have a website that people can go to and view. Obviously it needs some work but we are getting there. We got the structure set up now. In the next video I am going to show you how to set up WishList Member for your membership site so that you can add controls on the content that you create and so you can make things that are just for members only. Set it up so that members can join in all of that sort of good stuff. So that is in the next lesson so go ahead and watch that now.

If you have any questions or need any help or if you just want to view all of the course materials, you can do that. Go to for membership site and we have a comment section there. You can ask questions if you got stuck on anything. And as well, if you are having trouble and you want us to do it for you or you just do not have the time to go through and do this yourself, you can hire us. Go to to see what services we offer.

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