Convert Kit’s New Reporting Tool: A Quick Look

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Convert Kit has just released a new reporting tool that FINALLY allows you to see reports for a specified date range.

Hi guys, Ryan here from I’ve been a member of Convert Kit for over a year now and one of the things that always annoyed me is that you can’t look back in time at how many email subscribers you’ve gained over time. It only ever showed you the last 30 days. However that has just changed.

So let’s have a quick look at Convert Kit’s new reporting tool. If I jump in to Convert Kit you can see here the last 30 days which we’ve always had access to. You can see how many subscribers and you can break it down into the forms. You can see all my different forms down here and it breaks it down in terms of that. However, this is previously all we’ve had but now we actually have the option to change the date.

Therefore if we go ahead and click on this little icon on the right hand side we have some presets here so we can go ahead and look at the last three months and it breaks it down for us. We can look at the last six months and break it down into monthly totals. This is a really great feature.

This is something that you might not realize but you can actually set whatever date you want. If I hover over this the date changes to blue so if we click on that we can go ahead and set our own dates. Therefore let’s go ahead. We’ll start at January one and let’s just do the first half of the year so we’ll end at June 30th. We can now see that it is broken up into the different months; we can see the total for the range and we can also see the total number of subscribers.

This is the total that I have at this point in time I believe. It’s not the total at the end of that period which is a bit confusing but that’s alright. We can also go for all time and you can see that I actually became a member in September of 2015.

This is the new reporting tool and that is basically the functionality that you have. I wish they would do a bit more. I would really like the ability to export these reports and export this data. Because as you’ll see the OP which stands for On Property which is one of my websites dominates this in terms of subscribers. I actually have one PSP which is a public speaking website and I can’t really track the progress of that very well because it’s so mixed in with the website that has so much more data.

Therefore it would be great to be able to export it and to be able to take that out or to be able to see reports for particular forms over time. But unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to do that at this point. Nevertheless this is better than what we previously had.

I would also like to be able to see an up into the right graph where it shows total subscribers over time. And I would also love to be able to see unsubscribed over time because if you’re a serious internet marketer, understanding when people are unsubscribing and what’s causing them to unsubscribe so you can do things to counter that is obviously going to be very important.

Therefore this reporting tool isn’t perfect and they’ve still got a lot of work to do but at least now we can look at date ranges whereas in the past we were just stuck looking at the last 30 days or even less I think than 30 days – maybe the last 7 or 14 days or something like that. At least now we can look back and we can look over time which is a really big deal and finally Convert Kit has caught up.

So there we have a quick look at Convert Kit new reporting tool. I’m actually a really big fan of Convert Kit. It does a lot of things that standard email marketing platforms do not do. It is also very intuitive to use. If you are interested in Convert Kit please check it out through my affiliate link at

I do get a commission for that but it doesn’t cost you anymore. So thank you if you go through that. Otherwise you can just go to I don’t really mind but go ahead and check it out it is a great tool and hopefully in the future the reporting will improve even more.

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