How To Create A Process For Cancellations Of Your Membership Site (Part 12/12)

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Creating a membership site with no coding requires a manual cancellation process. Here is how to create that process for your membership site.

Hey guys and welcome back to How to Create a Membership Site with Zero Coding. This is the last part in the series, How TO Create A Process For Cancellations for your membership site.

One of the negatives of creating a membership site with zero coding is that we need to have a process for cancellations because it is not integrated. It is not going to happen automatically so I am going to show you how to do that in this video. And basically what we are going to be doing is using a spreadsheet to manage our cancellations and to manage our customers. Here is the spreadsheet that we will be using to manage our cancellations.

It does not look like much because it does not need to be much. I have made this spreadsheet available for you for free because hey, I am that kind of guy. You can get it; just go to Now it will be read-only for you so if you want to have it to use yourself, click file, click make a copy. You can go ahead and name that copy then click okay. And that will then save it to your Google Docs account. So you will need to have a Google account to be able to do this.

Now what will happen is when someone cancels their membership, you will get a notification like this one – that the following subscription has been canceled by the customer. Now I am using a product called Snappy Checkout, which I am using to collect recurring payments. You can go ahead and sign up for that through my affiliate link at and of you do that I would absolutely appreciate it.

So we are going to use this spreadsheet to manage our customers. So we can see from this email that someone has canceled their account so what I am going to do straight away is I am going to go ahead and I am going to copy that email address and I am going ahead and paste it into here, paste it in so we can see that email address there.

Now in this spreadsheet, the columns that are yellow are really the only two columns that you need to fill out. You can go through and you can add more details if you want but you do not necessarily have to and you will see as we go through why that is the case. Now I need to find out when this person last paid and so when does their subscription end. So let us go ahead and go to and we are going to go ahead and sign in.

So I have signed in. And now I need to find my customer so let us go ahead and paste my customer’s email address into the search bar and we can see my customer has come up here. What I want to do is go to the payment stab and I can see that they paid today and they paid a dollar and they have now cancelled it. So I know they are a monthly subscription and so what I do with my membership sites is they cancel, they will see out the term of their membership – in this case it is one month. Today is the 7th of December 2015 which means their membership their membership will cancel on the 7th of January 2016.

So let us go back to our cancellation spreadsheet and date cancelled, I am going to put in that their membership will end, January the 7th, 16, which is American. So 7th of January, 2016, I can see that their membership is cancelled. Now basically, we just need to wait until their membership is cancelled and then we will move onto the next step which is actually to go and delete those customers from your membership site and I will show you how to do that in one second. But let us pretend that this person actually cancelled one month and one day ago so they are actually ending on December 6, 2015, and we can see that this has gone red.

This spreadsheet is set up that if the date that is cancelled is actually before today’s date, so it looks at today’s date, even before today’s date it goes red. So it always knows when someone is in the red and we need to move onto this step and go ahead and delete their account. So let us go ahead and do that now. So we need to log in to the backend of our membership site so you go to, so for me it is We are then going down to the WishList Member settings and we are going to this members tab here. And this is going to show us all of the members that we have and currently I just have one because this is not a real membership site.

It is just to help you guys out. So what we do is we want to go ahead and find our member so I hit command F on a Mac while you hit control F on a PC and I am going to go ahead and paste in that email. Now obviously I do not need to do this because I have one member but when you have hundreds of members, it just makes it so much easier. So all I need to do is just go ahead and tick that member, select an action to go ahead and delete selected users and then I click the go button. I then confirm all of these things and that member is now deleted.

I will then go back and update my spreadsheet and I will change this from active to deleted and I would like to go ahead and make that red so that I know that that person is deleted. Or alternatively I can just go ahead and delete the email and delete the date cancelled and my spreadsheet is just starting from scratch again.

I am now going to show you how to manually cancel customer subscription. So let us say a customer goes to their account page and they click to cancel their account and they fill out this form to cancel their account. You will then receive this email that is saying that they want to cancel their account. What is the address? How do you go ahead and manually do that within Snappy Checkout?

Well, again, let us go ahead and copy that email address. We will go to our dashboard in Snappy Checkout. We will go ahead and paste in the email address and click search. And then we want to go to subscriptions and then we want to go ahead and manually cancel this. So we will just hover over this x and click cancel subscription and then go ahead and click cancel now. So that subscription is now cancelled and they would no longer be charged.

Now that they are cancelled we go ahead and put in their email address and we do the same process to find out what is the last date that they made payment so when will their membership end. So again let us say it ends on the 6th of December 2015, we can now see that that is red and so we can go ahead and delete that customer from our membership site.

So that is how you manually cancel customer subscriptions. Now this is optional but you can also use this spreadsheet to track new customers. So when a customer pays, you get an email address like this saying you just received their payment for a product, what they signed up for, the price that they are paying and then their name and their email address there. So what you can do is go ahead and put this in so we are going to put in their name, their email address, their date joined – so let us put December 7th, 2015. Let us pretend they have not cancelled at this time.

Monthly membership price $1, we are using Snappy Checkout. And if they use any other email to sign up I would go ahead and put that in here because you actually get this notification as well from WishList Member when a new person signs up. So if they use a different email address there to what they used in Snappy Checkout then I would go ahead and put that in there so you can actually use this to track your existing members.

You can also say they cancelled within one month so they are going to end on the 7th of January 2016. And then I can begin to track how long people are staying members and you can go into all that detail about your membership site. Again that is optional so it is something that you can do if you want but you do not absolutely have to.

So there you have the last part in the series How To Create A Process For Cancellations for your membership site. And that completes this series How to Create a Membership Site with Zero Coding. Let us quickly go over exactly what we covered and you can go back and refresh yourself with thee videos if you need to.

So first we just went into an overview of how to create a membership site with zero coding. We talked about buying the correct domain name for your membership site. We talked about setting up hosting for your membership site, connecting your domain name and hosting, and then finally getting your membership site on WordPress. We then talked about how to use WishList Member to protect your content and allow you to manage members and so forth.

We talked about adding content and protecting that content on our membership site. We went through creating a good site structure and great user experience for your customer when they are using your membership site. We talked about changing the themes and making it look exactly the way you want it to look. And then we went into details like how to create a sales page for your membership site and how to collect payments for your membership site and integrate that with WishList Member. And then lastly it was this episode how to create a process of cancellations for your membership site.

So we have covered a lot in this series on How to Create a Membership Site with Zero Coding. I hope that this has helped you a lot. If you want to get access to all of the course materials or if you have any questions you want to ask, please head over to, and that ms stands for membership site. Or if you want our help to set up your membership site for you, you are stuck, you cannot do it yourself. You want to pay us to help you, go ahead to to see what we have to offer.

I am Ryan Mclean and if you want to see more series like this one or more How To videos, you can go to and see all of the stuff that we have to offer. Or go to to see our YouTube channel.

Until next time guys, keep learning!

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