How To Add A Logout Button To Menu In WordPress (No Coding Required)

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Here’s the easiest way to add a logout button to your menu navigation in wordpress. It requires absolutely no coding and is simple to create.

Do you want to add a logout button like this one to your menu button in WordPress where you click it and you are instantly logged out of WrodPress?

Well, in this video I am going to show you how to add a logout button to your menu in WordPress with absolutely no coding required. No PHP, no CSS, no HTML, none of that sort of stuff.

So the first step is to log in to the backend of your website. To do that go to but replace with your actual website so for me it is The next step is we are going to install the plugin theme My Login which gives us a lot of functionality but the one that we are after is the logout button that we can create. So go down to plugins and click on the add new button. Type theme My Login into the search bar and click enter and then go ahead and install the plugin by clicking  install now.

Once it is installed you can go ahead and activate it. After the plugin is activated you need to add the logout page to the menu. So to do that, inside WordPress go to appearance menus. You can then choose the menu that you want to edit and click select or you can create a new menu here. We now want to add the logout page. So if we just look at the pages in the most recent section, we can see the logout page here. Click on it and click add to menu. We can see the logout page has been added. Go ahead and save your menu.

You now need to activate your menu on your website if it is not activated already. And to do that you go to appearance and customize and inside everything – this looks a little bit different, but basically you are looking for the menu section and you find the menu locations and you can see the different options for this theme here. So for primary menu I am just going to go ahead and select the menu that we have been working on and we can see that our logout one has appeared so let us go ahead and click save and publish.

So now I can see that there is a logout button in my menu bar. I go ahead and click on that. Then I have been logged out. One of the great things about this plugin is that it only shows the logout button to logged in users. So now that I am logged out we can see that the logout button no longer appears in our menu bar so it only shows to people who are logged in to your website.

In the next video I am going to show you how to add a login button to your menu in WordPress with no coding required. To check that out go to but to see all the steps and the transcriptions as well as if you have any questions on this episode please head over to to see all of that over there. And do not forget if you found this video useful please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel, we really appreciate it.

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