How To Collect Payments For Your Membership Site (Part 11/12)

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What is the best way to collect recurring subscription payments for your membership site? Here is the best method I have found to do it.

Hey and welcome back to How To Create A Membership Site With Zero Coding. This is part number 11, How to Collect Payments for your membership  site. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can collect recurring subscription payments for your membership site, how you can integrate those payments so after someone pays they can instantly get access to your membership site, and also I will show you how to add the credit card forms to your sales page.

Now there are a lot of different options out there for collecting payments and for collecting recurring subscriptions.

There are a lot of different options out there. However the one that I recommend and the one that I personally use is one called Snappy Checkout which you can check out. Go to in order to sign up for Snappy Checkout. Now I will talk a little bit about why I recommend over all the others because they are some great options in there. PayPal can be good. GumRoad is also a pretty good option. But why do I actually recommend Snappy Checkout? And then I will show you how to use Snappy Checkout to set up your recurring payments.

So the first reason I recommend Snappy Checkout is for the customer experience. One of the biggest places that customers leave your website is when they are on their final checkout page. And so I want a really simple checkout experience for them. For most of you, you are going to have a sales page that talks all about your membership site and when they are ready to sign up they are going to hit a register now button or some sort of subscribe button. Now with Snappy Checkout, it is a really clean subscribe form.

It just asks for their name, their email and their card number. And also it is very clear that they are subscribing and you can customize the name, you can also customize the description as well, which I like. You can also have it overlay on your sales page so when someone clicks the register now button it just pops over the top of your sales page as well. So it is a great customer experience.

They have also a great pricing structure which I really like. They integrate it with Stripes so you pay Stripe fees of 30 cents plus 2.9%. Plus they only charge 2% up to a maximum fee of 50 cents. So places like Gumroad charge you 25 cents plus 5% on everything which you can really see as you get up to $300 which is the cost of my annual subscription. With Gumraod, I was paying $15 in fees and with Snappy Checkout I am paying $9.50.  So I am saving over $5 every time I get a new customer with Snappy Checkout, it is totally worth it to me.

It is also really easy to use and to create products and create subscriptions which I like. They also allow you to charge multiple currencies. When I was with Gumroad, they would take your Australian dollar amount, convert it into US and charge the customer US dollars. So I was getting a lot of customer complaints with that. However with Snappy Checkout, because they integrate with Stripe, I can just charge people Australian dollars or US dollars or whatever I want.

They also have some cool features like one-click upsells and all of that sort of stuff. And they have great support. So you get the idea, enough talking about Snappy Checkout. I wanted to sell you on it because in this tutorial, I am going to be using Snappy Checkout and showing you how to create a recurring subscription and integrate that with your WishList Member website.

So step number 1 is to create an account. You can go through my affiliate link, So if we go to for Snappy Checkout, which takes us to their main page. We can go ahead and go to pricing and sign up and we can click on start selling your products today. I am going to go ahead and create a new account. So once we have signed up we will then need to go through this process to set up PayPal and Stripe to collect our credit card payments, we are then going to add our product to sell.

That is going to be our membership site and we will then need to add our information. So let us go ahead and set up PayPal or Stripe to collect credit card payments. At this point we only need to connect with Stripe. If you are going to sell one off products and want to integrate with PayPal then you can go ahead.

Integrating with Stripe and PayPal is really easy. First is you are going to need a Stripe account but you can get them for free just go to Go ahead, click connect with Stripe and basically that was one click. As long as you are logged in to Stripe, it is going to pull all that information for you. You can also integrate with PayPal. I am not going to go through that right now because you can just follow the directions that they have here. It is really easy to do. If you get stuck, just email support. They are super helpful. So then go ahead and click save changes.

We now need to add a recurring product. So go to the products tab in the left hand sidebar and click on the add product button. Name your product so this is going to be your recurring membership so I am calling this My Melee Monthly Membership. You do not really need to worry about the nickname or ID but give it a description because your description will appear here in the grey text. You then need to set your payment types so you can do one payment, multiple payments. I am going to go with subscription. That just means it is going to recur over and over. First payment will be immediately.

I can set the price and in this case I am going to use $19. Here are the different currencies that are available. I am going to leave it as US dollars. I can change it to once every month. I can do every 2 months. I can do a variety of things, once every year. I could do once every 19 days if I really wanted to. So there is a lot of flexibility that you have here. You can also set a time limit. Let us say I only want to do it for a year, I could set it to 12 months. But I am going to leave that on infinity.

You can also add tax so let us say I have to charge GST or VAT or whatever. You can change that to yes and you can set that up in your account section but I am going to leave that as no for now. You can also add an upfront fee so let us say I want to charge them $49 upfront but then $19 a month. If I add an upfront fee of $30 then it is going to be $49 in total upfront, the price plus the upfront fee. And then it is going to be $19 a month after that. But at this point in time we will keep it simple and we will just leave it at zero. Payment method we have Stripe. We can add discounts if we want but I do not really want to do that. I am not going to add products images or background images or anything like that.

I am going to add a receipt message. This is going to be an important part of our set up process. So in the receipt message I am saying thanks for being a member. If you have not done it already please complete the final registration forms and also I am giving my email address in case they have any questions. For this URL, the registration form, this is important as well. So what we would like to do after the customer pays, we want to send them to another webpage.

We want to send them to our registration form. So our registration form is this one. This is the final area they need to enter their details and this will give them access to the website. So to get this URL which will send them to the final registration page, you need to log in to the backend of your membership site, in this case it was You need to go to WishList Member. Go to levels and we can see our registration URLs here. So we can simply copy the URL and that will allow us to go ahead and paste it into Snappy Checkout. We are now complete and we just need to go ahead and save our product. S

o we have created our recurring product, we just need to go ahead and get our link for it and insert it into our sales page. To get the link for this product simply clink on this link icon here that says get checkout link. We can see the link here so right-click on it and click copy link address. We now need to insert into our sales page so that when someone comes to our sales page they can click this link and begin paying us. So I will be using Lead Pages to do this which is the easiest way to create nice sales pages without having to touch any code. And you can sign up for LeadPages through my affiliate link at pages and I would really appreciate that.

So here we are in our page editor and adding a link to this box is really easy. Just go on the left hand side and look for the video button link. Click on the little button called the settings icon, click container options and we can then go ahead and paste in our URL and click done. There are a couple of other links in here that we want to go ahead and add. We can see this link, sign up for only $19, so just click on that. Paste on that link and we are done.

We then have this one, this button here, so we want to go ahead paste our link into there and we then have the fourth one down the bottom here and so we will paste our link into that then go ahead and click save. And now if I refresh, this button is now linked that if I click it it is going to take them where they can sign up for My Melee monthly membership, take into their name, email, credit card number and subscribe. It is a fully secure checkout page which is absolutely vital. Step number 6 is to simply send people to your webpage and begin making sales.

So that completes part number 11, How To Collect Payment for your membership site. And in the next video, the last one in the series, I am going to show you how to create a process for cancellations of your membership site. So when someone signs up and they cancel, there is a manual process you need to go through to monitor those cancellations and to remove them from your membership site.

This is the one downside of creating a membership site with no coding, is that there is this manual cancellation process. But you will see as you go through that video it is really easy to manage. I actually have my virtual assistant do it about once a month and it is no skin off my nose.

So go ahead and check out that video to finish off this series. And if you have any questions or want to get access to all of the course materials, head over to for membership site and you can check it all out over there. Or if you want to hire our services and help you get set up, go to and see what we have to offer.

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