Allow Users To Login Using Email In WordPress (No Coding Requried)

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Here is exactly how to allow users to login to your wordpress site using their email address instead of their username (absolutely no coding required).

Do you want to allow users to log in with a username or their email address? Or maybe you just want to make them log in with their email address only? Well, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to allow users to log in with their email in WordPress with absolutely no coding required.

So the first step is to actually log in to the backend of your WordPress site. To do this go to but replace with your actual website so for my website that is After you have logged in you will be brought to the dashboard. And the next step is to install the plugin theme My Login.

Now there are a couple of plugins out there that actually allow people to log into your website using their email address but I found theme My Login to have the most functionality. And also to be the best supported and the most recently updated. So this one has been updated as of yesterday when I am recording while the other ones were updated over a year ago and things like that so I am pretty confident with this plugin.

To install it go to plugins and click the add new button. Type theme My Login into the search bar and click enter. You should see it come up first here so just click the install now button. And then go ahead and click activate plugin. Now that it is activated we just need to go to the theme My Login and then change the login type. So down the bottom on the left we should have a TML here so go ahead and click on that. And then we want to look at the login type and we can see we can allow people to log in username only.

We can change this to email only so they will only be able to log in using their email. Or we can allow them to use username or email address to log in. Go ahead and save those changes. And now users can go ahead and log in with their username or their email address.

This plugin is also great because it allows you to add a logout button that people can just go ahead and click and it automatically logs them out of your website. I did a video on how to add that logout button to your menu in WordPress. You can check that out just go to And it also allows you to add a login button which will only appear to logged out users and they can go ahead and log in as well. And I did a video on that, how to add a login button on your menu in WordPress. You can check that out if you want. Go to

So that completes this lesson, how to allow users to log in with their email in WordPress. Pretty easy. Just use the plugin theme My Login and adjust that login type. You can ask any questions that you have or you can check out the transcription. Just go to and do not forget to give us a thumbs up if you found this useful and it helped you because that allows more people to find this video and it really helps out our channel so we really appreciate that.

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