Educational Audio Books That Will Inspire Your Mind

Educational audio books are a great way to learn on the go. Did you know you can get the equivalent of a college education in just 2 years, simply by listening to audiobooks while you’re driving.

I have compiled a list of my top 10 educational audio books that will inspire your mind. Not every audio book listed here will be suitable for you. If these don’t tickle your fancy I suggest checking out The 10 Best Self Help Audio Books or The 20 Best Business Audiobooks

Educational Audio BooksI always suggest using Audible for your audio book collection as they have the best audio book app for iphones and android devices.

1. ” WNW Power Vocabulary by Richard Read”

This is an educational audio book that you just can’t miss. It will help teach you how to communicate effectively with other people.

As you know, we communicate every day. This audio book is all about being familiar with the right usage of words, visualization techniques in learning new words, and of course, you will surely have fun with the word vocabulary exercises included on WNW Power Vocabulary.

After listening to this audiobook, you will be amazed at your improved communication skills and an added self-confidence.

This audio book is narrated by Elizabeth Morse-Cluley, which some excerpts from the author himself, Richard Read. Overall, the narration is good you will enjoy it from beginning to end.

2. “Answers to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell”

Not many of us understand what is ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is and how can we manage this disorder if we are living with family members who have this.

After listening to this audio book, you will be able to understand that ADD is a life-long disorder and you will become familiar with the ways of coping with it.It has a detailed information, which is very easy to understand since it is presented in a question and answer sequence.

It is narrated by John J. Ratey and the author himself, Edward M. Hallowell. The narration is filled with a leavened humor and in-depth understanding of ADD.

3. “How to Talk So Kids Can Learn (At Home and in School) by Elaine Mazlish”

Are you having regular fights with your children? Have you given up on parenting since you are beginning to realize that your parenting skills don’t work anymore? If you are, then it is time for you to read on this audio book that will give you a complete understanding on how to be more effective in disciplining your children.

It teaches listeners effective methods they can use to solve common problems such as expressing anger towards your children without hurting them, letting your child cooperate and much more.

Rosalyn Anstin Templeton is a very effective narrator since she was able to express the common problems of parents through her voice.

4. “Boys Should be Boys by Meg Meeker, M.D.”

This audiobook is all about letting your boys be boys, it is about letting your sons enjoy what they have now so they will be able to know what they will be in the future.

Because of the culture we have these days, it seems that boys have the tendency to be influence by others and that includes a lot of factors like social media, peers, and many more.

This book is narrated by Pam Ward, though it is very interesting although you might get bored along the way since the tone of her voice never changes from the start to the end.

5. “Never Be Fat Again by Raymond Francis, DSc, and Michelle King Foreword by Russell L. Blaylock, MD”

As what the title says, readers will be able to get ideas on how to never be fat again.

Being obese or obesity is one of the common problems of the people these days, most especially in the U.S. The number one cause of this problem is food.

In this educational audiobook, you will not only be informed on ways to lose weight but you will always know how to lose weight healthily and never be fat or obese again.

If you are sick and tired of the diet programs that never work for the long term, then this audiobook is the one that you’re looking for. In just 6 weeks, you will be able to see a weight and health difference after you followed the secret to lose weight, which is carefully stated on this audiobook.

The narrator, Alan Sklar, did a great job in stating those important points of losing weight clearly.

6. ” Idiot America by Charles P. Pierce”

A funny and comical audio book that talks about the ignorance of the people in the United States, it is smartly done where you won’t be offended by listening to it. If you thought education couldn’t be humorous then think again!

Narrated by Bronson Pinchot, where he clearly gives justice and has delivered the humours parts of the book with flying colors.

7. “Driven to Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey”

This book is something that will give you a clear understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD based on the real life experiences of their clients as narrated by Edward M. Hallowell.

By listening to this information audio book, you will be able to manifest a lot of feeling wherein your will get to cry, laugh, and most especially learn from what ADD is all about and understand how you can manage it if you have it or cope with it if you are living with a person who has it.

8. “The Sound of Your Voice by Dr. Carol Fleming”

This audiobook is a great help if you are dealing with a communication problem. It states some techniques where you can improve your communication fast and easy.

You will also learn some points on how to analyze your voice and diagnose some problems all by yourself. You will also learn some tonal and breath support exercises where you can bring the clarity and strength of your voice all together. Very educational.

It is narrated by Dr. Carol Fleming as well; the audiobook is fun and interesting to listen to.

9. “You Mean, I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?! by Kate Kelly”

This is another audio book that is about all the information you need to know about ADD in adults. It consists information about the diagnostic and treatment options of ADD, work, family, and personal relationships with an adult who just discovered that he or she has ADD, and many more.

This audiobook is narrated by Kate Kellly and Peggy Raymundo, they have delivered it very well and you won’t be bored on their narration, instead you will be hooked by listening to it.

10. ” Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln by James C. Humes”

This is one of the educational audio books that are a great help for people who want to be effective at public speaking; whether you are speaking for a staff meeting or a small nation speaking.

You will be able to master the skills of the world’s famous presidents and talk and move the way they did their speeches. Narration is made by Norman Dietz, which are clearly said and good enough to listen to on your spare time.

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