How To Connect Your Domain and Hosting For Your Membership Site (Part 4/12)

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For people to be able to find your membership site you first need to point your domain name to your hosting account. Here’s how to do that.

Hi and welcome back to How To Create A Membership Site With Zero Coding.

This is part number 4, How to Connect Your Domain and Hosting for your membership site. This is a step that we need to do so someone can type in www.yourdomain .com and they can get access to your membership site. So this is part of stage 1 of create a website. If you already have a website that is built on WordPress then you can skip forward to part number 6 on How to Install and Configure a Membership Plugin. But if you do not have your website set up yet then continue to watch this video.

First, I thought that we should quickly talk about why do we have to connect our domain name and our hosting. What is all of these about? And I am going to enlist the help of my absolutely famous artistic work which we saw in the last video, really amazing beautiful stuff! Here we go! My beautiful diagram!

Basically we have this red computer here that represents your membership site which is going to live on your hosting account. These are the hosting service here. Basically we want to deliver this membership site to our customers. These are our beautiful customers here. But what actually happens is that your membership site does not exist at It actually exists at some IP address which is usually a string of numbers.

I am sure there are people out there that can go, “Oh Ryan, you have done the string of numbers all wrong.” I just made up these numbers but basically your website address exists in this weird character string of numbers that no one is going to remember. So what we want to do is help them to be able to type into their web browser your web address and then they get access to your site. So we need to connect this web address, through here, so when someone types this in, this tells them Oh you actually want to go to 0.34.234 blah blah. So that is what we call name service that connects the 2. We connect them through name service so what we need to do is edit the name service to connect these 2 things.

Step number 1 is login to GoDaddy and go to the domain manager. So here we are at GoDaddy. We want to go ahead and sign in. Once we have signed in, we want to go to the domain manager here and click the manage button.

Step number 2 is to click the arrow next to your domain name and select set name service. So we will all have our domains here. You can see that I have quite a few. The one that we want, youchooseyourmembershipsite, you can see this little arrow next to it. So let us click on that and then we want to select this set name service button.

Step number 3 is to set the name service to those provided by your host. So we can see our name service here are currently these … we want to go custom and then we want to click enter custom name service. Now what do we need to enter? Let us go back to that email that we originally got from Arvixe. We want to go to domain DNS information and we can see domain name server 1 is this one here. So what I am going to do is simply copy that and I am going to go ahead and paste that in.

We will then copy domain name server 2 and we will go ahead and paste that one in. we will then go ahead and click okay. Our custom name server is in there so let us then go ahead and click save. So request has been submitted. It changes may take a few moments to take effect.

Step number 4 is you could potentially be waiting up to 24 to 48 hours. I do not know why this happens. Sometimes it happens almost instantly within 15 minutes. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to do it. So just be aware that it can take up to 2 days for the redirection to happen and for your domain name to point to your hosting.

So that completes part number 4, How To Connect Your Domain and Hosting for your membership site. We are going to get into the juicy stuff in the next lesson, How To Set Up WordPress for your membership site. So WordPress will be the software that your membership site is going to run on. After we have completed this step you will have a functioning website. And then we will be able to move on to setting up wish list member, adding those membership protections. And then move on to the good stuff like how to collect payments for your membership site and start making the money.

So very excited, next lesson, head to it now, How To Set Up WordPress for your membership site. And if you have any questions or if you want to get access to all the course materials, simply go to for membership site. There is a comment section there where you can have questions answered. If you get stuck on something, we will try and help you out as best we can and we will go over the course materials over there. Or if you want us to do it for you and you are like, “I do not want to go ahead and set up this membership site myself, I want you to help me,” then go to and check out the different services we offer and hopefully we can get you up and running…..

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